Typical Networking VS Potter’s Networking

Have you ever attended (or considered attending) one of those business “networking” groups? If you have not (attended) or don’t know what they are, please allow a short introduction. Wikipedia, that bulwark of dependable information, defines “Business Networking” as, “a type of business social network whose reason for existing is business networking activity. “ The… Read more »

Living On Purpose at The Speed Of Life ®

“A Good Example” As a Christian, you have influence in this world.  Carefully consider the following words of the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee: “There is a tremendous influence exerted by the life of one individual –and the influence is more potent when it is in the wrong direction.  No matter who you are, you… Read more »

Let’s Engage and Network

My partner, Joe, asked me to write a Blog for our Potter’s Network website going live in a few weeks. I immediately said, “Yes, of-course, no problem. Consider it done.” thinking it would be so easy. Well, everything went totally blank for weeks – writer’s block set in– until this morning. Early this morning while… Read more »

How Lawyers Can Represent Clients as Christians

As an attorney representing individuals across central Illinois I work with people from all walks of life: rich and poor, old and young, Christian and not.  When I am working with a client who may be guilty or in the wrong I feel that it is my duty to diligently advocate on their behalf so… Read more »

Networking in Today’s Technology

In the past, employees of most companies joked about the number of acronyms the company uses. Sometimes a memo (note I said memo and not email – that dates me right there) could be written with just some adjectives, conjunctions, and acronyms and we all understood the message. Face to face group meetings were important… Read more »