Let’s Engage and Network

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My partner, Joe, asked me to write a Blog for our Potter’s Network website going live in a few weeks. I immediately said, “Yes, of-course, no problem. Consider it done.” thinking it would be so easy. Well, everything went totally blank for weeks – writer’s block set in– until this morning.

Early this morning while in reflective study time when I routinely read through the book of Proverbs out of God’s Word, I ran across a few verses that turned into a penned Blog.

Potter’s Network has a dream – or is it a vision? It’s both! With the vision came the mission. You can read about Potter’s Network and its simple Vision and Mission statements on the Home page of the website. If you are reading this Blog you are already on the site or can link back to it, so thanks for visiting.

Galatians 6:10 mandates that we do ‘good,’ always and to all, not being weary and that we especially should do ‘good’ among ourselves. We who are Christian leaders as business owners, managers, pastors, ministry administrators, and teachers have a responsibility to carry our ‘Faith’ into the market place. We are challenged in Matthew to be good stewards (Matthew 25:14-30). In spite of our weaknesses and inefficiencies we can still be good examples by working together to create synergy while helping each other grow and succeed. This doesn’t happen too easily and certainly not without accountability.

My challenge for all of us is to be all that we can be by utilizing our giftedness (1 Peter 4:10) running the race to win gaining wisdom as we go along. Of course we will still stumble and possibly even fall along the way. But by Biblically helping each other succeed utilizing the ‘one another’s’ in the Bible, we will only grow and succeed.

Let’s have the Godly courage to network among ourselves to help each other succeed by putting our pride, ego, and greed aside! United we stand strong!!


Gaetano Apa
, CEO/Executive Director,
 Potter’s Network, Ltd.

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